Flowering VW bus, Keene Flower Show

It’s official: I’m a zombie. Now that I have exactly one week (yikes) before my dissertation defense, I’m edging into the death-like realm of sleep-deprivation, caffeine-addiction, and slap-happy giddiness. I’ve sent revised versions of all four body chapters to my committee and am awaiting their last minute suggestions; I’ll be sending them a revised version of my intro chapter this afternoon. That leaves revision of my concluding chapter for tonight and tomorrow morning, then I’ll be cut & pasting all these various revised chapters into one huge document called Dissertation.

I’m really tired and emotionally all over the place. Chris keeps asking if there’s anything he can do to help, and I keep telling him there’s absolutely nothing he can do. Right now, all I want is the diss to be done, and that’s something only I can do. The world doesn’t have enough cookies, hugs, or backrubs to make the diss go away: I just have to keep my nose to the grindstone (still!) and just do it.

Yesterday we took a brief break to go to the annual flower show here in Keene, which several friends of ours helped organize. One of the exhibits featured a decrepit old VW bus covered with moss, lichens, and other greenery. As we were chuckling at this vegetative version of the “aging hippie” motif, we learned that the bus belongs to our friend Bonnie: it was her idea to deck it out in flowered fabrics, love-beads, a lava lamp, and lots of greenery. The sight of so much greenery was a treat for work-worn eyes: right now, the thought of taking a nap in a quiety, mossy place sounds delicious. But before I can rest, I have to face one more week of good solid work. Until next Monday, this rolling stone doesn’t have time to gather moss.