The doctor is in

I survived–and I’m a Doctor! It’s the morning after D-Day, and I am SOOOOOO relieved to be done. The defense started late and ran over-time: at several points after 2 hours of “grilling,” I thought to myself, “Please, can’t I just be done?” But in the end, handshakes were exchanged, congratulations offered, and everyone tried out that new appellation: “Doctor Schaub!”

Okay, I’m a Doctor now: yippee! So can I now go back to being regular-old Lorianne who has a LIFE again, please?

More play-by-play to come after I’ve recovered the use of all my functioning brain-cells. In the meantime, I’m off to Kinko’s to print the official, tweaked version of “Bill” on his luscious fancy paper, then I have a follow-up date with “the Ruler Lady” to sign things and make the official deposit. In the meantime, sincere thanks to everyone who offered virtual support: believe me, I felt your “good vibes” every nerve-wracking step of the way.

Can you say, “The Doctor is in?”