New owners, Keene, NH

Back in early February I mentioned (and posted pictures of) this shop window in Downtown Keene. In October it was a thrift shop, in January it burned, and in February it was boarded up. Having photographed it at two stages in its life-cycle, I couldn’t resist photographing it again with its newly refurbished facade. Now in April, this storefront at the corner of Central Square and Court Street has turned a new leaf, sprouting up a flower shop where previously there was none.

New leaves, Keene, NH

Likewise, nature does her own turning act. On a dusty slope along the bike path, some sort of new leaves are appearing through a shroud of last year’s leaf litter. Sprouting around several new saplings, they possibly are non-native plantings, which explains why I have no idea what they are: my botanic knowledge is limited to wildflowers and a handful of garden perennials, but I’m in no way a horticultural expert. Whatever they are, these tight rosettes of green and maroon leaves are quite lovely, a welcome spot of color on an otherwise colorless hillside.

April is the cruelest month, but out of cruelty springs promise. With time, waiting, and patient pushing, even nameless leaves can find their way to spring’s sun.