Since I said last weekend that I’d be taking Saturdays off from blogging, this is not a blog-post. Instead, it is an image of a mountain ash (Sorbus americana) covered in tiny orange fruit. Earlier this week I emailed the latest of my “Pedestrian Thoughts” essays, and it mentioned a mountain ash that stands outside our bedroom window. This isn’t that same mountain ash–this is one growing in front of a social services office on Railroad Street here in Keene–but it gives you an idea of what mountain ashes look like. If you’re on my “Pedestrian Thoughts” email list, you should have received the latest essay on Thursday. If you aren’t on my mailing list, you can read the essay here, and you can sign-up to receive future email essays here.

And while I’m spending the day not blogging, you can check out my three new submissions to the Mirror Project, all taken during my recent Boston getaway. See? When you send and submit stuff to various and sundry corners of cyberspace, you don’t need to post new material: a blog-post that is not a blog-post will serve just fine.