You know you need to get out more when you get excited about new dryers. My usual laundromat was closed last Tuesday while these lovely double-deckers were installed. You’ll note that these new dryers are digital: not only do they have lights to tell you which temperature setting you’ve chosen, the digital read-out displays how many minutes of drying you’ve paid for, an oddly convenient step up from the old “analog” dryers.

(Since the dryer isn’t on in this shot, the digital display simply reads “25”: the amount of money you need to deposit for 6 minutes of drying time. I’d wanted to get a shot of two piggybacked dryers in motion drying the Zen Mama’s togs, but there was a flock of laundromat workers around inspecting the new machinery as well as another woman who was drying several loads right beside mine. So I waited until the crowds dispersed before I took this surreptitious shot, lest I be outed as The Freakish Woman Who Photographs Her Own and Other People’s Laundry.)

Another sign that I don’t have much of a life these days is the fact that I even tried to take this photo of an American toad. While other folks actual do stuff on Saturday nights, my last wild ‘n’ crazy weekend before classes resume featured a crepuscular walk with the dog along the Ashuelot River. By the time I saw this enormous, tangerine-sized toad muscling his way across the trail, the woods were nearly dark. Still, some crazy impulse drove me to crouch on the ground and hope that my digicam’s feeble flash would capture some sort of image. I’m actually pleased at how the photo turned out, which again suggests that it doesn’t take much to excite the Socially Deprived. Rest assured, though, that even I wasn’t desperate enough to try to kiss this toad in search of my own riparian Prince Charming…but there’s always next weekend.