Today’s Photo Friday topic is, fittingly enough, Furry. This photo, snapped early this morning, shows why it’s impossible to sit on my couch without getting covered with dog hair. Yes, I should brush and vacuum my couch more often…heck, I should brush and vacuum the dog more often. Instead, I let Reggie luxuriate on the couch rather than wrestling with him for the bed. Who says it’s a dog’s life?

As soon as I post this and pack my bags, Reggie and I are off on an 11-hour, 700-mile drive to Ohio to visit my family. I’m taking laptop and books to keep in touch with my online classes while I’m gone, so I’ll probably be blogging from my favorite Internet oasis, the Cup O’ Joe dessert and coffee house across from the Bexley Public Library. (Yeah, the library has machines with Internet access, but I need to be able to connect with my own laptop. And the library doesn’t serve dessert.)

I’ll rely on my folks to “dog sit” while I head out in search of Internet access. After all, Cup O’ Joe welcomes me and my laptop, but they won’t serve Reg. He’s too damn furry.