Today’s Photo Friday topic is Statement. And who better to make a statement than New Hampshire’s own Granny D?

At 94, Doris “Granny D” Haddock is running for U.S. Senate. You might have heard of Granny D several years ago when, at the tender age of 89, she walked across America (10 miles a day for 14 months, thank you) to deliver a petition (and countless stump speeches along the way) for campaign finance reform.

These days Granny D’s traded her walking shoes for a rainbow-painted campaign camper. After the presumed Democratic nominee for New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate seat dropped out of the race right before the candidate filing deadline, Granny D tossed her flowery hat into the ring. It’s not like she’d been sitting on the porch knitting sweaters in a rocking chair: in the time since her cross-country campaign finance reform trek, she’d traveled some 22,000 miles in an attempt to get working women to register to vote, damnit.

Whatever color your politics, it seems to me Granny D’s message rings true. If a feisty octogenarian can move her arthritic legs across America to make a Statement, the very least we can do is drive, stroll, or roll to our polling place on November 2nd. If this is indeed the Year of the Underdog, maybe Granny D can emulate the Red Sox by going to the Big City (in this case, Washington, DC) to Beat the Bums (in this case, the Senate yahoos who would probably be more productive–or at least less dangerous–if they themselves took up knitting and chair-rocking).

Even if you live to 94 and beyond, life is too damn short not to make a Statement.