After adopting Reggie from a non-profit animal rescue organization in 1998, I’ve kenneled him only once, at a clean, well-lighted place in Toledo, OH. I have nothing against kennels per se…but before I adopted him, Reg had been on “doggie death row” for a month and in a private, crowded kennel for two months after that. Given his history, I’ve always felt terrible taking him back to “the joint” even temporarily. I have a wonderful pet-sitter who pampers Reggie whenever I’m away while taking in my mail, turning on & off the lights, and otherwise making my apartment seem “lived in.” One of the benefits of being a childless pet-owner is you get to spoil your pets shamelessly; as one dog-owner once confided, “If we weren’t going to spoil them, why’d we get them in the first place?”

And yes, this is the first time a pile of dog poop has been immortalized here on Hoarded Ordinaries.