Man Lamp

P is for Pampered

Since there is no new Photo Friday topic for Christmas Eve, I’m posting on last week’s topic, “Tacky.” In case you’re looking for last minute gift ideas for the woman who has everything, how about a handy Man Lamp? He’s bright, helpful, and conveniently responsive: the perfect gift for all your Single and Fabulous female friends.

High Maintenence (sic)

And if Mr. Bright doesn’t please, maybe the special lady in your life would appreciate a handbag that lets her Inner Bitch shine through. If a woman’s going to expect the world to revolve around her, she might as well advertise it up front. It’s all about clarity, baby: when a girl knows what she wants, what’s stopping her from wearing her heart on her sleeve or on her pocketbook, for that matter?

M is for Me!

Here’s hoping you and yours feel pampered, maintained, and tended-to this Christmas Eve, regardless of whether you’ve been Naughty or Nice, Tacky or No.