While I’m spending the day swathed in blankets, nursing a quintessential case of Flu-Like Symptoms, I thought you might enjoy these images of Cresson (a.k.a. Sawyer’s Crossing) Bridge, which I took yesterday in nearby Swanzey, NH.

Built to replace an existing 18th-century structure, Cresson Bridge cost $1,735.94 when it was built in 1859 and $61,028.15 when it was restored in 1983.

Covered bridges were a cherished part of early New England life. Not only did they connect communities, their sheltered spaces provided room for sequestered hanky-panky, “kissing bridge” being a local synonym for “covered bridge.”

The locals were so happy to have a new bridge spanning the Ashuelot River that when construction was completed in 1859, the town threw an all-night party complete with a four-piece band, midnight feast, and dancing until dawn.

Although I’ve never danced all night (nor stolen an illicit kiss) under the protection of a covered bridge, it’s nice to know there’s one nearby in case the need ever arises.