Today’s Photo Friday theme is Youth. As seldom as I take photos of unidentified passersby, I photograph children even less. Since I don’t have children of my own, it seems invasive (and downright creepy) to snatch images of other folks’ young’uns. Wouldn’t you be spooked if some strange person started snapping photos of your youngster on the street?

Last summer while visiting Boston’s historic Granary Burial Ground, however, I couldn’t resist taking this distant snapshot of a touring schoolgroup strolling among the gravestones. The juxtaposition of old, weathered gravestones and (usually) rambunctious summertime youngsters was striking. (I say “usually” rambunctious youngsters because this batch was incredibly well-behaved, staying for the most part in a tight bunch right behind their chaperone. I couldn’t help but think they were secretly scared about wandering off alone in a cemetery, as if their chaperone had warned them of the horrors that happen to wayward children caught alone amongst gravestones.)

Morbid juxtapositions of youth and death notwithstanding, it’s a grand relief to see this image of green-grassed summer. These days, the playgrounds and schoolyards of snowbound southern New Hampshire look themselves like cemeteries, everyone either inside or off seeking other more seasonal-appropriate fun. Who needs playground equipment (or a trip to a historic cemetery) when there’s snow to play in? Maybe it’s not necessary to photograph other folks’ youngsters since this time of year, the snow brings out the kid in all of us.