Sexy mannequin

What does it tell you about yesterday’s rainy meet-up with five fellow bloggers that my most blog-worthy picture shows a mannequin posing seductively in a Cambridge, MA sex shop window?

Reading blogs does feel a bit kinky at times. There’s always the tease that someone might let slip Something Revealing, that the mask we typically wear around both strangers and friends might at any moment fall off to reveal Secrets dark and hidden: an emotional wardrobe malfunction where something far more interesting than a pierced nipple might flash onto our screens, unexpected.

If we grow increasingly voyeuristic reading the blogged lives of Invisible People we’ve never met, how much more alluring is the thought of meeting these Mysterious Ones in the flesh. How do their real selves compare to the online personas they’ve crafted and we’ve greedily consumed? Will we at some point see the Author Unmasked, a real life Toto tugging to reveal the (hu)Man Behind the Curtain?

Of the five fellow bloggers I spent the day with yesterday, Leslee has already posted a written account of our meet-up and Abdul-Walid has already posted a photo. How appropriate that the six of us remain faceless in that photo: would you think me coy or kinky if I insisted that you can tell as much about our Real Selves by studying our shoes and stances as by looking into an unmasked eye?