You know it’s been far too rainy when you meet random mollusks strolling the streets of your hometown. Although Slugo here was sliming more than strolling, and although this paved surface is a bike path, not a street, you get the general idea: it continues to be wet here in Keene, and the slugs are loving it.

To give you a scale of reference, this slug measured about four inches long: it would have made a substantial squish had I stepped on it. I refer to this slug as an “it” because slugs, I read, are transgender hermaphrodites, starting life as male and turning female upon maturity. Curious about the round hole on the side of Slugo’s mantle, I found this illustrated guide to slug anatomy: that hole is a “pneumostome,” a breathing hole leading to a lung.

Just as you know it’s been far too rainy when slugs go cruising in broad daylight, you know it’s a slow day when a four-inch mollusk is Headline News. I guess with all this rain, my life’s been a bit sluggish.

    Update: I should have spelled Mr/Ms Slug’s name as “Sluggo,” as in Nancy’s playmate. Except in this case, “Sluggo” would be a gender-neutral name.