Now that spring has most definitely sprung here in southern New Hampshire, the area’s hot wheels are out in force. Although this isn’t the coolest-looking Harley Davidson I’ve seen in the past few weeks as area cyclists gear up (pun intended) for June’s Bike Week in Laconia, it’s the most photogenic Harley-with-sidecar I’ve seen. Can’t you picture your favorite Zen Mama zipping down the highway with her canine sidekick in tow: my trusty Dog on a Hog?

Harleys aren’t the only hot wheels that have been shaking off winter’s dust in this week’s scattered moments of sunshine. Last Friday I saw this man tooling around two separate areas of town on a Segway scooter. If you’ve never seen Dean Kamen’s famous invention in action, let me assure you that they move quite quickly, turning heads with the surprising sight of a STANDING person moving the speed of a moped. This anonymous fellow seemed to be having a great time whizzing around both the stripmall outskirts and downtown heart of Keene; although he didn’t stop to share his name or give permission for me to post this photo, he did look straight at my raised camera and smile. Do you think this motorized two-wheeler is wending his gradual way to Laconia for Bike Week? After enough beers (and perhaps a change of wardrobe), do you think the merry assembly of leather guys and biker chicks would care that that Mr. Segway’s not a motorcyclist in the usual sense of the word?

As for Yours Truly, my new-to-me bicycle has one bad inner tube that I need to fix or replace before I’ll be zipping around town on my own hot wheels. (No, I’ve no plans to head toward Laconia.) In the meantime, I wanted to assure you that as long as Mr. Segway’s in town, that trio of recumbent cyclists I recently blogged had better watch out. This town is chock-full of hot wheels, and at at least one upstanding man in Keene is literally Up Standing.