Yesterday my parents, Reggie, and I took a walk along one of the levees at the Delaware Wildlife Area in Delaware, Ohio, just north of Columbus. Can you see the bald eagle nest and adult bird in the following picture? (Click on the image for an enlarged version.)

Although we knew there was an eagles nest in this cluster of cottonwood trees, I never would have spotted the eagle perched nearby if it werent for my father, whos famous for his eagle eyes.

Can you see the bird in the above picture? He remained steadfast on his (or her?) perch even as my parents, Reggie, and I walked on the levee some 35 yards away. Can you see him? (Click on the image for an enlarged version.)

If you need a little help, heres a cropped version. (Again, click on the image for an enlarged version.) Isnt he stunning? Although the two hatchlings in this nest froze to death earlier this spring during an unseasonable cold snap, at least one bird continues to stand guard. Is he grieving, or merely at a loss for what else to do during a season when he should be feeding a family?

Whatever the reason this eagle remains near, my folks, Reggie and I would never have been able to get this close to the nest had there been hatchlings inside, as State wildlife workers barricade the environs of active eagle nests. After the eaglets died, though, the prohibitive signs and barriers came down, making an afternoon jaunt along the levee an entirely legal pastime.

And as for Reggie? Apparently he doesnt have eagle eyes and was largely unimpressed by my dads find, flopping down to rest when he realized his humans were standing around doing nothing instead of walking. I guess its a dogs life after all.