Today’s Photo Friday theme is Somber. Although it was clear and sunny when I visited the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC in June, there’s something intrinsically somber about a memorial commemorating some 16 million U.S. troops who served and some 400,000 American souls who perished.

As if to bespeak to the solemnity of this memorial, the older gentleman walking toward the Washington Memorial in the following picture–himself old enough to be a member of the Greatest Generation–had tears in his eyes as he walked past.

In case members of the Youngest Generation, lured by the sight of a cool fountain on a hot day, were tempted to engage in merriment not becoming a somber war memorial, signs stood sentry by way of reminder.

And to their credit, the handful of tired tourists who sat near the cooling breeze of the memorial fountain took care not to dip even one wading toe.