Lest you think that the cleaning crew at the Toledo Zoo is woefully negligent, letting piles of crap accumulate on bathroom counters, that’s a sculpture: a surprisingly lifelike facsimile of a heap of elephant scat complete with two (fake) dung beetles.

I’m all for taking advantage of every “teachable moment” that presents itself…and this isn’t the first educational restroom I’ve encountered. Although Henry David Thoreau never discussed in Walden what he did with his own dung–he presumably, like a bear, shat in the woods–the composting toilets at the Walden Reservation in Concord, MA have signs explaining their enviro-friendly approach to waste management. Still, a sign or two describing toilet technology is a far cry from an eye-grabbing pile of poop. Yes, I know that Mother Nature has her own approach to dealing with dung, but I wasn’t expecting to become privy to the details while visiting the privy.

In other (presumably unrelated) news…there’s shit, and then there’s sit. Dale has recently started a new comment-based meditation blog, 100 Days. If you’re interested in making a hundred-day commitment to establishing or strengthening your meditation practice, regardless of your spiritual affiliation or practice background, you’re welcome to join the virtual community that provides the site’s content: just click over and leave a comment. Although 100 Days has reached Day 14 of its lifecycle, anyone’s free to join at anytime: I joined the party yesterday after realizing that my own practice routine has recently gone, yes, down the shitter. In the face of the same ol’, same ol’, it’s high time I make an effort to get my shit together.