I’m posting these pictures of my brand new pink Eeyore pajamas for two reasons. First, Pajama Weather has arrived here in southern New Hampshire. Although it isn’t yet cold enough for last winter’s flannel puppy pajamas, I am thinking of switching to flannel sheets, just as I did this time last year…and there’s nothing like a cute pair of mid-weight pajamas (and socks) to keep you warm on those in-between nights when flannel pjs are too much and a lightweight cotton sleepshirt is too little.

But more importantly, I’m posting these pajama pictures to prove a point: I don’t hate the color pink, and I’m not vehemently opposed to all instances of cutesy corporate marketing. Ever since I posted my mini-rant on those princess TVs I saw on sale in Ohio, I’ve been thinking about the slew of comments that post generated. Really, what was it that I found so alarming about those TVs? Am I more of a Raging Feminist than I let on? Am I violently opposed to all conventional gender roles, the color pink included? Am I opposed to the widespread marketing of cutesy kids’ stuff that will eventually end up littering the landscape with Disney detritus? Judging from my current taste in sleepwear, the answer to these questions is No, No, No.

Reading through the various comments on that post, I realized several things. First, something about pink princess televisions really hits a nerve with people. Whether you love them or hate them, you probably have something to say when pink TVs (and subsequent talk of socially conditioned gender roles) appear in bloggish conversation. Second, I don’t have a problem with all things pink or the girly-girls who love them. When I used to work at a toy store in Boston, I had no problem selling dolls and even pink frilly princess costumes to girls and their parents. If a girl wants to dress like a princess, I say more power to her: in fact, I’ve been known to covet a tiara myself on occasion.

I think the thing I found most alarming about those pink princess TVs was indeed the fact that they were TVs. Now, before you start zinging comments my way about me being an anti-TVite, I do own a TV; it just doesn’t work, serving solely to play DVDs. But whether or not I watch TV, I don’t think it is always necessarily evil…but I do question the need for a child to have their own television in their room. Whatever happened to watching TV with your parents or even (gasp) your brother? Whereas the thought of a family (or siblings) gathered around a TV evokes a warm, loving picture in my head, the thought of a Little Princess alone in her room watching a pile of Disney DVDs gives me pause. It’s bad enough that I have to watch my stack of Netflix DVDs all alone, just me and mopey ol’ Eeyore, through many a cold winter night. Tiaras or no, why would we wish such a lonely fate on our Littlest Princesses?