Virginia creeper

Even the mightiest invasion starts with a handful of leaves intent on spreading. In May, this brick wall was a field of green (click here and scroll down to the sixth picture); now, it is an uneasy truce called between opposing forces, red and green, each contained within their own ranks. Although they are outnumbered for now, I have an inkling the Redleaves are going to win this war. As mortal as their Green fellows, the Reds have the habit of remaining just long enough to be proclaimed The Winner before succumbing to gravity’s pull.

    UPDATE: If you’d like to read the profile on me and my online teaching that was published in yesterday’s Keene Sentinel, you can find it (for the time being, at least) here. And if you’ve been following my ENG 202 students’ class blogs, you can find this week’s picks for Best of Blog here. Enjoy!