Superheroes lurk in surprising places. I snapped a surreptitious photo of a local hero’s hideout while waiting at the bank drive-through yesterday. Although I’m mildly curious about the secretive hero who lurks within an otherwise mundane second floor office, I’m more curious to know where I could get a similar sign for my office window. (Click on image for an enlarged version.)

For just as the splendiferous Superman goes incognito as the mild mannered Clark Kent, I spend my days as a quiet college prof and my nights as a wild-roaming, pencam-wielding SuperBlogger. Last night I met A (not her real initial) for Beer & Burritos at one of our preferred hideouts in Cambridge, MA, followed by chocolate goodness at another favorite haunt. Below is a secret shot I snapped with what “A” has begun calling my “spycam.” Do you think any of these chocolate- and mocha-sipping sophisticates had any clue that a photo-blogging superhero was in their midst?