Baker Farm Road, Lincoln, MA

Yesterday on my way to the DeCordova Museum to meet Leslee for a sun-drenched afternoon of art, I took a wrong turn, venturing down Baker Farm Road toward the Thoreau Institute before I realized the road I wanted was Baker Bridge toward the Gropius House. Luckily the Sunday drivers in Lincoln, MA were out in force, forcing me to sit at this corner long enough to snap a picture while waiting my turn to turn onto Route 126, headed away from Walden Pond.

Thoreau himself liked to get lost in the woods around Concord…and the first and only other time I ventured into the Sculpture Park at the DeCordova was years ago by accident, after I’d inadvertently wandered from the Lincoln Conservation Lands onto the DeCordova property and promptly found myself staring, confused, at a giant stone head. Yes, unannounced art can be disorienting when you’ve been wandering the woods alone.

Yesterday’s wrong turn was promptly righted: Baker Bridge is the turn just past Baker Farm and offers visual delights of its own. Given these two roads diverged in a yellow wood, which would you have taken?

Baker Bridge Road, Lincoln, MA