I wish I knew the story behind this photocopied flyer, which I saw posted on a recycling bin outside the gym at Keene State College last week. I’m sure it refers to something, and it certainly caught my eye as I was walking past. Really, how can you not look at something that prominently proclaims, “Don’t look at me!”

I’m planning to take this next week off from blogging here at Hoarded Ordinaries, so don’t look at me in the interim! Thanksgiving week always falls right at the busiest time of the semester, right when almost-final papers are piling up and students start panicking about grades. This semester I’m extra busy with a double dose of classes (three at Keene State, three online), so things are particularly busy. As much as I enjoy blogging, I’m looking forward to spending a week (almost) offline, with one less bloggy mouth to feed. Although I’ll still be posting almost-daily to my writing blog, for the next week I’m giving my watching eyes if not my typing fingers a break from my usual photo-blogging madness.

If you can’t resist the urge to Look At Me while I’m gone, you can dip into my Archives to see what I was up to this time last year. Or you can surf my blogroll to find new blogreads (tell ’em Lorianne said “Don’t look at me!”) I’ll be back after Thanksgiving feeling (I hope) well rested and well fed. I hope you have a restful and happy Thanksgiving as well!