It’s been a while since I posted any reflective photos, so since I missed the Photo Friday theme Yellow several weeks ago, I thought I’d take this opportunity to post these reflective photos of me bundled and browsing in a faux-fur hat at Cool Jewels here in Keene. (Click on any of today’s images for an enlarged version.)

Although I always enjoy browsing colorful and quirky hand-crafted wares, I’m especially grateful that downtown Keene now has a new and imminently funky shop full of the kind of color I crave during the gray winter months. In wintertime, yellow (snow) is something you assiduously avoid…so it feels like a tropical getaway to walk into a store with screaming yellow walls and a rainbow-riot of fanciful goods.

I wasn’t planning to buy anything when I stopped to shop these images…but I couldn’t leave the store empty handed, purchasing instead a full-flowing gypsy skirt that screamed “wear me” as I walked by. Although it’s purple, not yellow, that skirt and the pleasure I took buying it felt just as warm as a bright summer’s day.

As its name implies, Cool Jewels has a tantalizing array of jewelry…but since I’d already bought a funky handmade necklace to replace the one pilfered from my holiday luggage, I refrained from looking at jewelry. I figure there will be plenty of cold winter days when my faux-fur hat and I will be seeking shelter (and a splash of color) from the frigid world outside.

    Yes, I’ll blog a photo of the replacement necklace I bought at a jewelry store down the street from this one: stay tuned!