There is a car under there somewhere…and I know because I spent about 45 minutes yesterday digging it out.

The local paper says we got “more than a foot of snow” here in Keene, and I’d say that’s about right judging from what accumulated atop my car yesterday. Unlike Tim, who heard in Boston Nature’s own drum solo in the form of thundersnow, we here in Keene experienced a quiet, day-long snowfall without much wind or other stormy accompaniments. It simply snowed and snowed and then snowed some more, stopping around 4 o’clock, just as the forecast had predicted.

I made my first tentative attempt to dig out around 11 am, while the snow was still falling: I wanted to unearth my front steps so the mailman wouldn’t have to wade through shin-high snow to get to my porch. Around 11 am, the snow had already reached stair-step depth and beyond, so when Reggie raced out the door to go outside, he skidded to a stop on the top step, looked sceptically at the billowing slope of white stuff that had submerged the rest, and then was eventually convinced to take a literal plunge into the snow below.

In the immediate aftermath of yesterday’s snow, there was a brief span of about 45 minutes when the almost-setting sun was slanting from the western horizon, illuminating snow-fringed trees. It would have been an excellent time to go shutterbugging, as Leslee’s photo demonstrates. Instead of going photographing, though, I went a-shoveling, figuring I didn’t want my car to spend a freezing night beneath a thick snow blanket. After spending the afternoon’s best light shoveling a path to the street, driveway, and then to the car, which I uncovered with a broom, my thoughts were on dry clothes and a mug of hot chocolate. Today Reggie and I will explore the neighborhood, and I presumably will take pictures.

Reggie, at least, is already ready to go, coming in from yesterday’s yard exploration looking like a snowball himself.