Yes, it’s true: time to add another candle to the cake. I think 37 is the in-between year for 30-somethings: you’re well past the disbelief at hitting 35, and you’re still a couple years from hitting the second stride that is 40. (At least all my 40-Something and Fabulous female friends tell me the Big 4-0 ushers in a decade of self-confidence, accomplishment, and contentment…you don’t think they’d lie to my gullible 30-something self, do you?)

I’ve plans this afternoon to meet several of those girlfriends for appropriate birthday festivities: an afternoon of mind-nourishing culture followed by an evening of mind-numbing inebriation. So far, turning 37 hasn’t been as traumatic as turning 35, which was (for me) much scarier than turning 30. Whereas most folks are sobered by the advent of round decades such as 30, 40, and 50, it’s the half-decades that shake me. Twenty-five felt like the age when I should have had my shit together at a moment when I had no clue where my life was going…and 35 felt like the age when I really should have had my shit together at a moment when everything was coming apart.

Nobody (myself included) seems to have any expectations of what 37 should be, and that’s fine with me. Thirty-five marked the year I finished my doctorate and got divorced; thirty-six was the year I learned to see myself as Dr. DiSabato, not Mrs. Schaub. Thirty-seven promised to be…normal? “Just” another year of Life As Lorianne? I’d like to think so, having come to enjoy normalcy after having my fill (thank you) of personal tumult.

And so this morning promises to be a quiet one, yesterday’s snow cleared from roads and cars, leaving the usual January backdrop of white and gray. So far, 37 looks good from this end, and this afternoon and evening, my 40-Something and Fabulous friends will help give me a taste of the Fun to come.

    On my birthday last year, I mentioned that January 6th is the traditional date for the Christian feast of the Epiphany. January 6th is also celebrated in parts of Ireland as Little or Women’s Christmas (Nollaig na mBan). In honor of the occasion, that girl is hosting a day of guest-bloggery where a handful of writers contribute their thoughts on the occasion. The first set of remarks (including my contribution) can be found here; an additional offering is available here. Enjoy!