Lamp post with steeple

Yesterday morning, in lieu of our usual Beer & Burritos meetup, A (not her real initial) and I carpooled down to Brookline, MA where we went to Zaftigs for brunch-time potato pancakes. Zaftigs boasts that it “ain’t your grandma’s deli,” and both our surroundings and fellow brunch-into-lunchers would have made for tasty spycam fare. Fortunately, although my new pencam has shipped but not yet arrived, Zaftig’s website includes a virtual tour.

Since eating too many potato pancakes can eventually turn two Svelte and Fabulous girlfriends into true Couch Potatoes, A and I eschewed dessert and took a walk instead, walking from Brookline’s Coolidge Corner down to Audubon Circle and back, crossing at some point the Brookline/Boston line and wandering through several alluringly posh neighborhoods. At Audubon Circle, the lampposts are appropriately bird-bedecked and, from the right angle, loom huge alongside a nearby church steeple.

In the “provide your own caption” category, somewhere along the way back to Coolidge Corner, A and I encountered the following stencilled graffito on a sidewalk near Boston University. Although A and I theorized several possible explanations for this odd inscription, I’ll leave it to your own not-quite-couch-potato imaginations to provide an appropriate tagline.

Ambiguous sidewalk stencil