Small, large, and extra-large Moleskine cahiers

Try to imagine the shock I experienced during yesterday’s visit to my favorite stationer in Harvard Square, Cambridge: Moleskine now makes extra-large cahiers, which are sold three to a packet with either black or buff-colored covers. As so elegantly displayed by the black-gloved Phantom Shopper, these soft-backed notebooks are roughly the size of a composition book, dwarfing both the pocket-sized and large notebooks.

I refrained from buying any of these new extra-large notebooks because interestingly enough, I’ve recently downsized my Moleskine preference. Although I still have a religious dedication to my large lined journal, I no longer carry it with me everywhere. Yes, after having selecting my ubiquitous walking bag largely because it is sized to fit a large Moleskine, I’ve begun leaving my large lined journal at home on my kitchen table, where as you already know I sit and write over my morning cup of tea. These days, I carry with me in my walking bag a pocket-sized sketchbook for recording doodlish inspiration, a pocket-sized weekly planner for tracking appointments, and a single pocket-sized cahier for to-do lists, grocery lists, random thoughts and forget-me-nots, etc.

So while I’m carrying a collection of three Moleskines with me these days, they each are pocket-sized, my large lined companion holding down the fort on the kitchen table. And with that, I think I’ll put the kettle on for tea. It’s never too late to sit down with a long-time friend.

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