When a TV station repeats the same old show, we call it a re-run. When a walker repeats the same old stroll, I call it a re-walk.

If you walk everyday in a place where you’ve lived for more than a month or so, re-walks are inevitable. And if you tend to blog your walks, as I do, it’s only a matter of time before you repeat not only your own footsteps but your own words and images.

The picture at right, which I snapped on a gloriously weathered but semi-sickly stroll yesterday afternoon, is almost identical to one I blogged almost exactly one year ago. Then, I was queasy with some sort of stomach bug; now, I’m battling an energy-tapping case of laryngitis. Last year, it was sunny with afternoon temperatures in the 60s; yesterday, ditto. A year ago, there were mothers with bicycle-riding children on the bikepath that transects Keene; yesterday, college guys claimed nearby basketball courts for the season’s first game of Shirts vs. Skins.

Yesterday, I didn’t sit outside on my back porch like I did last year…but maybe I’ll correct that this afternoon. If writers are destined to repeat themselves in seasonal re-walks year after year, I might as well learn from the past, taking the time to watch afternoon shadows move in their accustomed patterns this year just like last.