Sage advice

Rainy days provide a particular challenge for photo-bloggers. I try here on Hoarded Ordinaries to post current or at least recent photos: on any given day, the images I post were probably taken the day or perhaps several days before. I have a fat archive of photos taken last month, last year, and the year before that, but I prefer to offer a daily slice of what’s happening Here and Now so you can track the subtle changes from last week or last year to today.

But rainy days offer a particular challenge. Yesterday morning it was raining cats and dogs…and as I taught in a basement classroom at Keene State College, an alarming pool of rainwater puddled outside our ground-level window and had, by the end of class, seeped under the foundation to dampen a carpeted corner. (Ick.) By afternoon, another classroom in which I teach had sprouted a new leak, which meant yesterday’s grammar lecture was punctuated (pun intended) by the drip-drip-dripping of rainwater seeping through the ceiling and sprinkling the carpet (and one intrepid instructor) below. “I never thought I’d have to open an umbrella to deliver a lecture,” I lamented to one of my students as class ended. If I can’t keep myself out of the wet even when I’m inside teaching, why would I want to walk into the stuff, exposing digicam and my still-recovering, recently laryngital self to yet more damp?

I learned long ago to save odd photos for a rainy day, so today I’m reaching into that stockpile. Yesterday it rained cats and dogs, and today we’ve a mixed forecast of rain and snow showers: a quintessential New England April. What better day to share a bit of astute wisdom snapped from the side of a moving van parked in front of the hotel where Gary and I stayed when we visited Chicago over spring break. Just because it occasionally rains cats and dogs doesn’t mean we should pack the two species in the same box.