You can tell from the green grass that this is a vintage photo, snapped on the campus of Keene State College last May. Today’s Photo Friday theme is Organized, so I thought I’d revisit this image of last year’s graduation prep.

I’ve never attended graduation at Keene State: as an adjunct instructor, I’m not required to go, and I’m typically bored by commencement ceremonies, even my own. But it’s always fun to watch the campus grounds crew set up meticulously aligned rows of folding chairs on grass that days earlier sported sunbathers on blankets and frisbee-flingers in baseball caps.

Every spring, the organized sprouting of folding chairs on Fisk Quad is the last in a series of signs that the End of the Academic Year is Near. Already at Keene State, I’ve received the end-term course evaluations I’ll administer sometime over the next three weeks; already the Registrar has distributed the Final Exam schedule. Already my course schedule for both Summer and Fall is set, and one of these days (soon) I need to order textbooks.

Already for weeks now, students have been counting the days until summer freedom…and I can’t say I’m any different. Come April, everyone’s ready for spring, and academics are ready for summer. Between now and summer freedom, there are many papers to collect, exams to administer, and grades, grades, grades to tally: a chore that requires you to be as Organized as chairs in meticulous rows.