Today’s task was to experiment with the macro setting on my new camera. Although plenty of bees, wasps, and flies were pollinating various July blossoms this afternoon, none of them stood as still as this pale green cricket, which all but posed for my camera. (Click on either of today’s images for an enlarged version.)

Bindweed is an invasive weed, crickets are entirely common, and Reggie was nonplussed when I stopped, tugging his leash, to take more pictures of boring plants. Being colorblind as all dogs are, Reggie probably didn’t notice the tiny creature hiding inside one of several open bindweed blossoms we passed on today’s walk; being hurried and harried as most people are, I’m surprised I noticed. It’s not easy being green, for even when you display yourself alluringly within a snow-white bindweed, the rest of the world, dog-like, tends to pass you by, unaware.