This may turn out to be one of the last pictures I took with my several-month-old Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ3S camera. Not long after snapping this backlit image of one of the more creative creations at today’s Keene Pumpkin Festival, I dropped my camera.

I’ve dropped digicams before, and normally it’s not Digital Disaster. But today, I really dropped my camera: in fact, it’s more like I accidentally flung it. I typically carry my camera in my pocket: that’s why I bought a pocket-sized Lumix rather than a more impressive-looking digital SLR (that and the fact that I wouldn’t know what to do with a digital SLR). This afternoon was a bit chilly, so I’d put on gloves…and when I pulled the camera out of my pocket to snap something-or-other, the camera slipped out of my gloved hand and flew onto the pavement, where the metal housing around the lens got banged out of shape.

So, now the lens won’t extend, and I’m without a functional digicam. Luckily, when I bought the camera, I also bought an extended service warranty that covers accidental damage, knowing how klutzy I can be. But it will take approximately 12 days to repair or replace my camera, and my old digicam–the one I’d bought the Lumix to replace–is now not working at all, finally wearing out even the Last Legs it had been standing on.

So unless I can rely on my pencam and keychain camera to take night-time shots–the one thing they both are rotten at–it looks like I won’t be capturing any images of this year’s after-dark Gourd Glow. Fortunately, I took lots of daytime pictures yesterday and today which will be Coming Soon to a Blog Near You. But tonight it will seem very odd to walk the pumpkin-lit streets of Keene with just my eyes to take in the once-a-year sights.