Scottish highland cow

Electric wire and long horns notwithstanding, isn’t this the most cuddly cow you’ve ever seen? With their shaggy coats, puppy-dog ears, and teddy-bear eyes, the Scottish highland cattle at Pitcher Mountain Farm look more like oversize plush toys than so many pounds of beef on the hoof.

Every time Reggie and I make the short drive to Pitcher Mountain to go hiking, we both hope for a sight of these bovines: Reggie because he wants to stick his head out the window and sniff, and me because I want to take pictures of the cuddle-creatures. On Saturday, looking for a quiet place to walk Reg during the Pumpkin Festival, we escaped to nearby Stoddard, where I snapped this picture of a cuddle cow before Reggie and I made a leisurely walk to the summit of Pitcher Mountain, far from the pumpkin-mad crowds.

As much as I love pumpkins, you see, they aren’t nearly as loveable as shaggy, floppy-eared cows cuddling their cud.