Mere days after finding a red rubber ball nestled in a silver maple on campus, this morning I found a toy crab wedged in a nook between two cuddled trees at Goose Pond. Perhaps I’m simply destined to find in my rambles the pacifiers, beach balls, and silver pendants lost and then found by others.


Although I’m not exactly wedged between trees at the moment, I am smack dab in the middle of my own in-between days. On Thursday, I taught the last of my face-to-face fall semester classes at Keene State, and on Tuesday, I’ll return to campus to collect the final onslaught of student papers. On Friday, one of my online classes ended, leaving me with the usual dose of end-term grading; tomorrow, my two remaining online classes begin the penultimate week of their term, meaning everything is winding up as it simultaneously winds down.

With a daunting grading-pile and other end-term obligations looming, it’s easy to get distracted by a crisp sunny day with a dusting of snow. The surface of Goose Pond this morning was skimmed with a thin skin of ice, crystalline patterns writing a web-like hieroglyph on its opaque surface. During these in-between days as fall semester is ending but not yet ended, I’m tantalized by the thought of being done, not doing.