Laundromat dog

Today was one of those on-the-run days where you bustle non-stop without feeling like you’ve gotten much done. Yes, I did laundry, shipped Christmas packages, and shopped for sympathy cards; yes, I wrote morning pages, checked online classes, and met with a coaching client. But by the time my Wednesday night yoga class rolled around, I hadn’t made much progress with the online grading I’d planned to finish in the morning, I hadn’t started addressing the “holiday cards” that will now arrive around New Year’s, and I hadn’t begun digging my kitchen and coffee tables out from under the piles of books and papers that inevitably accumulate at the end of every semester.

In a word, where did my Catch-Up Wednesday go?

Wherever Wednesday disappeared to, I did snap one picture–enough for a quick blog-post–on my way from the laundromat to the store. These unplanned moments–ones that so often arrive in the midst of bustling, non-stop catch-up days–are the very reason I carry my digicam everywhere I go. You never know when you’ll see a stranger’s dog guarding his truck, paw resting on the window-edge in a gesture that says “All mine.”