It seems a bit wrong to admire the aesthetic effect of a smashed window, especially if you’ve met and chatted with the shopkeeper (and mascot dog) whose establishment was so targeted. Vandalism is a senseless and cowardly crime: what perverse thrill does smashing a downtown boutique window bring, really?

Ethical qualms notwithstanding, though, when I noticed the smashed window to PINK Distinctive Women’s Clothing and Accessories–another purveyor of the kind of well-dressed mannequins I so enjoy shooting–I couldn’t resist snapping a photo: with Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought, an image of feathery, fluffy hearts suspended behind cracked and shattered glass might eventually come in handy. Imagine my surprise this week when I happened to walk by, camera conveniently in hand, at the precise moment when repairmen had leaned this same smashed window, still bearing last week’s Sale signs, against a nearby brick wall.


Given my penchant for emergency call-boxes and the fashion emergencies that sometimes necessitate their usage, an extreme close-up of said leaning window resulted in an image that immediately became one of my all-time favorites. Can you say, “In case of emergency, break glass”?