On Thursday afternoon, the rain stopped and the sun shone in Keene, NH…and ever since, New England has been basking in the closest thing to spring that happens ’round these parts. During a sunny, sandals-and-capris stroll at Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick, MA with Leslee yesterday, we spotted three sunning garter snakes, one of which obligingly posed for photos.

Less outgoing were a dozen or more clumps of skunk cabbage which, although stationary, insisted on facing the opposite direction with their shy, nubbly spadices hooded in purple-streaked spathes. Since skunkies prefer wet, squishy places, I wasn’t game enough to wade off-boardwalk to get a proper close-up, so this zoomed shot will have to suffice.

Before Leslee arrived for our Broadmoor stroll, I sat watching a newly arrived flock of tree swallows checking out a handful of inviting nestboxes. Also shopping for real estate was a bluebird of happiness.

Meanwhile back in Keene, even domestic felines are getting in touch with their Inner Wildcat, like this tiger tabby who was spotted stalking the wild-walking Reggie.

    Check out Leslee’s shot of a pile of painted turtles we spotted at Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a jungle out there, people.