Sometimes, it’s comforting to know exactly where you stand. In lieu of a “You Are Here” arrow, this sign imbedded in a Boston sidewalk told me exactly where I stood this afternoon as I snapped this shot, a helpful bit of information if I’d known (or cared) who owned the properties on either side.

Today, that girl posted a collection of interesting signs she’s seen in New York City. Not to be outdone by that girl’s globe-trotting junket in the Big Apple, I thought I’d share some signs I spotted during today’s daytrip to and from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

You might be interested to know that some portions of Boston’s Great Outdoors are Smoke Free.

And in case you were wondering about a certain celebrity’s sexual preferences, one Boston sign can clue you in about that, too.

If you’re looking for some cutting-edge advice from Boston’s top medical authorities, pay heed to this sign from the Longwood medical district, home to a handful of Hub hospitals.

And if your bundle of joy is more than you can handle, know there are loving arms in Boston who will accept him or her, no questions asked. Just be careful where you “pahk your cahr” when you make your special delivery.