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Today’s been a catch-up/not-yet-caught-up day. But around dinner time, dog-walking could no longer be denied, so Reggie and I took a stroll at Dillant-Hopkins Airport in Swanzey, NH, where I heard but did not see veeries, hermit thrushes, a scarlet tanager, and at least one elusive bittern.


A set of cherry-pickers and wood-chippers parked in the airport lot were much more cooperative than the goldfinches, yellowthroats, and kingbirds I saw but could not photograph: at least heavy machinery does not flit. I don’t often get the chance to get up close and personal with heavy machinery: usually, this equipment is working, so it would be dangerous (or at least impertinent) to approach too closely. But when heavy machinery is at rest in a parking lot where local folks leave their cars to go dog-walking, it’s possible to shoot some extreme close-ups without bothering any Men at Work. You can see a slideshow of these parked cherry-pickers and wood-chippers here: my way of saying “Thank you for visiting.”