More feral furniture, Keene, NH

One of the upsides of living in Detour City, NH is the increased ease of drive-by photography that sitting in slow-moving traffic affords. I spotted this feral couch on Grove Street in Keene: a usually quiet residential street that lately has become a clogged one-way thoroughfare responsible for detouring downtown-bound traffic around one of two massive rotary-construction projects. Grove Street is an apparent breeding ground for feral furniture. I shot this picture on Grove Street not long after students left and the detours began. If you’re a student looking to get rid of trashed furniture, it’s a smart move to stick it along a road where a steady stream of cars is slowly cruising by. Eventually, someone will take your trash.

There’s always an upside to everything, even construction traffic. One day last week I had to take a meandering detour to accomplish an otherwise simple chore, and while I was steaming at the thought of extra effort, Reggie was in the backseat relishing the enjoyment of an extra-long car ride. Years ago, I remember passing a car broken down on the side of a busy highway. While the driver sat impatiently waiting on the roadside for help to arrive, his dog lay flopped on the grass beside him, a huge goofy doggy grin belying his master’s angry expression. You could tell the driver was thinking “Why me” while Fido was thinking “Hooray: let’s sleep in the sun!”

Words of wisdom, Keene, NH

So in honor of both Reggie and that happy roadside dog, here’s another tidbit gleaned from a spell of traffic-sitting, again on Grove Street. I’m not sure why the Chabott Oil Company saw fit to post words of wisdom in their Keene office, but I might not have noticed much less photographed this sign if I hadn’t been stuck in detour traffic. (Click here for a cropped closeup of an important message the folks at Chabott Oil want you to know.) I guess construction traffic counts as “petty stuff” you shouldn’t sweat…and maybe an antsy, left-in-the-car dog is a (non-)sweaty thing you shouldn’t pet.

Free to a good home?

And while we’re on the topic of lessons learned in traffic or elsewhere, let me share these words of wisdom: if you’re looking for fine feral furniture, avoid anywhere called “Detour City.” Instead, if you’re in the market for a second-hand leather sectional sofa, you’ll have better luck in a big city suburb like Newton, MA than you will in a college town like Keene, NH. Don’t sweat the petty stuff, don’t pet the sweaty stuff, and go to where the good goods are if you’re looking to trash-scavenge.