A home at last, Provincetown, MA

The sign on this house on the West End of Provincetown, MA says “A home at last,” which presumably says something about the feeling of homecoming its inhabitants feel about their seaside abode. As for me, I think “home at last” nicely states how I feel upon my return from a several-day getaway to P-town. As much as I love to wander and explore places other than home, the best part of any vacation, I think, is coming home.

I have over 300 pictures from Provincetown, where the weather these past few days was rainy one minute, sunny the next. Such a quintessentially New England climate calls for a versatile wardrobe and provides particular challenges for photography. But occasionally over the past few days, there was a Perfect Moment when the sun shone and not one but three locals happened to look my way long enough to be captured in pixels. Do you think this perky trio is happy to be Home At Last in a town as dog-friendly as Provincetown?

Three doxies, Provincetown, MA