Calvary Baptist Church

Upon hearing that I’d be spending a week in South Carolina, a friend who used to live in Georgia gave me a challenge: shoot a quintessentially “Spartanburg” shot. Having been on my feet here at Wofford College for less than 24 hours, I don’t feel entirely up to that challenge…but that didn’t stop me from taking an early morning walk in search of breakfast and some blog-worthy images.

The photo above gives a sense of the Christian values that surround Wofford, originally established as a Methodist college. On this morning’s brief walk along the main street fringing campus, I quickly realized why Highway 221 is also called “North Church Street.” On this same morning walk I also quickly realized why the Days Inn right across from campus was not recommended by conference organizers: although I’m no hotel snob, I know ugly architecture when I see it.

The world's ugliest Day's Inn?

The Spartanburg county offices aren’t architecturally elegant, but bureaucratic buildings seldom are. I’d say “spare” plus “utilitarian” equals “Spartan Spartansburg.”

County offices

My quest for the quintessential Spartanburg shot notwithstanding, my search for this morning’s breakfast was happily satisfied. Although this vintage Krispy Kreme was closed, there was a new one right across the street that was serving glazed goodness hot off the bakery line.

Home of glazed goodness

Returning to campus under the influence of a Krispy Kreme sugar rush, I delighted in Wofford College’s well-maintained grounds with plenty of shade trees and soothing fountains.

Wofford Arboretum

Shade & fountain

Not so soothing are Vivian Stockman’s mountaintop removal photos, which are currently on display in Wofford’s Sandor Teszler Library. Not knowing the library’s photography policy, I refrained from shooting any of Stockman’s photos…but you can see and learn more about this particular form of environmental atrocity by revisiting Dave’s post on the topic.

In lieu of mountaintop removal, I shot a single picture of the funky stairwell down to the lower level gallery where Stockman’s photos are on display: not exactly quintessential, but definitely quirky.

Angular architecture

If I’d been hired to shoot student recruitment pictures for the Wofford viewbook, I’d certainly offer this tree-shaded shot of the college’s Main Building, complete with lounging students.

For the view book

But if you want a quintessential shot of the Spartan side of Spartanburg, all you need to do is take a quick peek at my Wofford College dorm room, where I’ll be blogging this week’s conference activities.

Appropriately Spartan