Construction webbing

Between the heat and omnipresent road construction in Keene this summer, it’s hard out here for a pedestrian. On Monday morning, simply walking to campus to teach the the first of my summer school classes was a navigational challenge.

I live five minutes from campus, but my accustomed walk goes right past the rotary (de)construction that is clogging Keene with detoured traffic right now. I thought I’d be able to take one of my favorite shortcuts around the affected Main and Winchester/Marlboro Street intersection, but I was wrong: that shortcut through the parking lot of the local historical society landed me on the wrong side of a tangle of caution tape and construction webbing. I ended up cutting through a handful of yards that had been mauled and muddied by construction equipment: apologies, citizens of Keene, for the continued inconvenience.

Rotaries can be tricky to navigate on foot, so I’m curious to see what my pedestrian commute is like once construction is complete. In the meantime, it’s difficult to stroll Main Street sidewalks or traipse local curbs when both sidewalks and curbstones have been unearthed and piled like firewood, an ambiguous sign of “progress.”

Unearthed curbstones