JS Mobil

“Just looking” is what you say when a sales clerk wants to sell you something you aren’t sure you want to buy. “Just looking” is also what you title a blog post when you don’t know what to say on a particular day.


Yesterday I spent a lazy holiday doing a whole bunch of nothing…but on my way to and from a lazy lunch, I snapped a handful of pictures that tell no particular story. How do you string together a handful of images that intrigue you individually but have no unifying theme or thread? You say “just looking.”


You’d be surprised what you can see when you take to the streets just looking. Who needs to run on the 4th of July when walking and watching will suffice?


The “just” of “just looking” is deceptive: looking itself is a huge task, something we oblivious humans tend to overlook. Over-looking, in fact, is merely a matter of under-looking: if we looked more and more intently, what thing could possibly escape our gaze?

Bagged mannequin

The “just” in “just looking” isn’t dismissive, as if “just looking” were less intense than using one’s other senses. Instead, “just looking” suggests the one-pointed mind of meditation: just-looking, like just-sitting, is a matter of wholly noticing the world around you as it transpires on a lazy holiday afternoon.