Rocco on window sill

They say that black cats and Friday the 13th are unlucky, but consider this. This weekend Reggie and I are staying with not one but three black cats. In one of his nine other lives, Rocco (shown above) was such a behavioral basket case, the vet recommended he be put to sleep. Today, he is a pampered pet whose only remnant of his attention-starved past is his almost dog-like habit of (yes) dogging your footsteps and flinging himself to the floor before you, begging for a belly rub.

Shadow on pizza box

In one of her previous lives, Shadow (at right) found herself with a cat-allergic owner…who booked her a flight to Massachusetts where she now demonstrates her queenly dominion by claiming any random pizza-box as her throne. And Stan, who moves too quickly for me to photograph, was so homely with a deformed jaw, an animal shelter offered to give him for free to anyone willing to love a less-than-pretty kitty. Now Stan, like Rocco and Shadow, is living a charmed life in a cat-friendly house where even a dog like Reggie respects the real rulers of the roost.

Are black cats and Friday the 13th unlucky? You tell me whether it’s unlucky to be a black cat in a house where high-tech laptops exist solely to warm your well-fed tummy.

Shadow on laptop