Green line service has resumed

No sooner has Green Line service resumed here in Newton, Massachusetts, I’m leaving town…by car, on my 700-mile way to Ohio, where I’ll be attending my 20-year high school reunion this weekend. Talk about a long, strange trip.

Walk this way

While I’m in Ohio, I’ll have occasional, excruciatingly slow Internet access, so I won’t be blogging much until I return to New England on Monday night. In the meantime, here’s a sign to share. I’ve already posted some of the funky pedestrian signs you can see in Northampton, MA, where walkers are well-dressed and clearly feminine. Here in Waban, MA, the Pedestrian People somehow manage to hula-hoop while they walk, an accomplishment that requires more coordination than I’ve ever been able to muster.

Maybe it’s a good thing I’m motoring (not walking and hula-hooping) on my 700-mile way to Ohio this weekend…