New Main Street lamps

As suspected, the rotary construction that’s been causing detour headaches in Keene this summer will not be finished for this weekend’s move-in of new and returning Keene State College students. Like it or not, the promised rotary is still a work-in-progress.

Street lamp

Yesterday, on my way to campus for several faculty meetings, I saw workers erecting some finishing touches on the yet-unfinished project: fancy new street lights to illuminate the intersection of Main, Winchester, and Marlboro Streets. Once students (and their parents) have survived the traffic hassles of this weekend, their way will be newly lit to and from various off-campus attractions.

It’s fitting, I suppose, that the rotary is still unfinished given how much my own semester prep is behind schedule. Yet again this year, I planned to spend much of the summer completely revamping one of my courses (this time, Expository Writing)…but instead, as usual, I’ve left the business of “completely revamping” until the weekend before classes begin. Two years ago, I re-wrote my Essay Writing syllabus in an adrenaline-fueled early morning session the day before classes began; this time around, I’m hoping a weekend will be long enough to for me to revise yet another syllabus. In the meantime, I have end-term grading to tend to, two online classes to prepare, Blackboard sites to tweak for my Keene State classes, etc. It seems that “unfinished” is the biggest thing Keene and I have in common these days.

This is my contribution to today’s Photo Friday theme, Unfinished.