Ain't no chalk

In real life, pranksters arm themselves with label-makers. It’s often difficult to find chalk in Keene State classrooms, which makes this label humorously apt. What makes it even funnier is the fact that there was a piece of chalk sitting exactly where you see it, a chance juxtaposition I couldn’t have asked for.

In real life, I’m deep in the throes of the semester right now, somehow managing to be behind in my grading for every one of the six classes I’m currently teaching. In real life, I have bills to pay, and grading papers is how I earn my keep; in real life, I know I’ll finish these present papers, eventually, but only in time to collect more papers. In real life, when work inevitably piles up, it’s a relief to encounter an occasional prankster with a label-maker and a sense of humor. I bring my own chalk when I teach, but I’m always happy to accept chalk-charity, bad grammar be damned.

This is my contribution to this week’s Photo Friday theme, Real Life.