Nor'easter or not?

This is the scene just past 8am in Newton, MA this morning. I don’t know if today’s storm officially qualifies as a nor’easter, but according to J’s measurement, we got 5 1/2 new inches of snow since last night. (That’s in addition to the 10 inches Newton received in Thursday night’s non-nor’easter.)

Dressed for success...during a snowstorm

As for me, this tried and true dog-walking outfit is what I’ll be wearing at today’s Patriots game against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. Yes, J and I are going to a football game in this weather. The current forecast says the snow will change to sleet then rain, so I have disposable ponchos stashed in the pockets of my Gore-tex shell. Given how much I paid for tickets to see the white-hot, perpetually sold-out Pats, there’s never been a question of whether we’d go to the game, simply a question of how we’d weather it. Go Pats!