Men can change diapers, too

Yesterday while I was in New Hampshire casting my vote in the primary there, the wireless router here at J’s house died a sudden and dramatic death. As a result, I’ve been largely out of the online loop…and since I’m flying to Ohio to visit family tomorrow afternoon, I’ll continue to be largely offline through the weekend, keeping in touch with my online classes but not doing much blogging via a slow-as-molasses dialup connection at my parents’ house.

So, while I’m out of the Internet loop for the next handful of days, here’s a quick picture from a recent Bruins game to show that Real Men do indeed change diapers, with several men’s rooms at Boston’s TD Banknorth Garden (home to both the Bruins and Celtics) being equipped with changing tables. I guess fatherhood, like both hockey and basketball, is a contact sport.

While I’m gone, feel free to avail yourself of this handy “Random” link to dip into my archives. Even I sometimes find hidden gems I’d forgotten about there.